Botox and Dermal Fillers

Over 1 million Botox injections are performed each year and 90% of clients who try this treatment repeat it. Botox is mostly used for softening and smoothing expression lines, such as crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines.

A series of small injections are injected into the muscle, causing it to relax, which in turn softens the line.

Visible results in 2-14 days, lasting approx. 3-6months.

Also licensed for and highly effective in, the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Here at The Ugly Sisters we only use quality FDA approved products – Botox that has been shown to act quickest and lat longest… and giving fantastic results.

Dermal Fillers

For instant, long lasting results, dermal fillers provide a semi-permanent, individually tailored answer.

A series of small injections are used to smooth fine lines, lift deeper lines, smooth /support folds. Also effective in facial contouring i.e. cheekbone enhancement and jaw definition.

A wide range of products are available, designed for specific facial areas to promote optimum results. Instant results, lasting approximately 12 months. As advance trained practitioners, FaceFacts aesthetics are skilled and experienced in all aspects of dermal fillers treatments using the latest techniques. Lips can be enhanced from a soft, subtle volume look to the ‘Paris pout’ – the choice is yours!

Lip borders can be defined to give a smoother, more even edge as lips often thin with ageing and lose volume. Fine lines around the mouth often become more noticeable and ‘lipstick bleeding’ occurs.

This treatment helps to minimise these problems. instant results, lasting approx 6-9 months.

If facial volumisation/contouring is required – this can be achieved with revolutionary dermal fillers

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Lip Fillers (1ml)

Very kind and thoughtful about how to shape my brows. She thinks long term as to making sure your brows grow in properly. And my brows look GREAT.


Excellent service as usual.... I look forward to my 4 weekly visit for my nails.... thanks Emma ❤️


I have been travelling up for 2 years now from Birmingham to get my lashes done by alesha and everytime my lashes are just perfect. She is so patient with my watery eyes! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting their lashes done. The salon is beautiful and all the sisters make you feel so welcome whilst waiting!


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