Microblading is a treatment that has recently been took by storm not only here in the UK but also worldwide. Here at The Ugly Sisters we are extremely proud to offer this service to all of our clients. Microblading is used to restore the natural brow shape and is perfect for those who want to define, cover gaps or completely reconstruct their eyebrows. Whether you have over plucked, have patchiness or your eyebrows seem to be non-existent, this is the perfect treatment for you. Microblading is created by using ultra fine, delicate hair strokes that blend flawlessly into your natural eyebrow growth. We all know eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature and some believe that eyebrows frame a persons face. Whether you like them feathery and light or dark and bold Julie has you covered, Julie will always give a thorough consultation and know exactly what you are wanting from your Microblading treatment. Here at The Ugly Sisters Julie, our Epibrow trained Microblading artist, can accommodate to all of your brow needs.

Aftercare is essential in order to get the best results. To protect your brows after the Microblading treatment it is recommended that you keep your brows moisture free, therefore no washing or any activity that causes perspiration is to be carried out. Some clients may experience itchiness during the process of healing, this can be alleviated by using vitamin E and D creams. Your brows may seem extremely dark after treatment however this will significantly reduce to 40%. Julie will always cover every detail of aftercare and will ensure you know everything you need to and are happy and comfortable before you leave the salon. 

What to expect at our appointments…

First Appointment

Your first appointment with us will include a thorough consultation with Julie. Your features will be analysed and recommendations will be made on shape, colour and design, best suited to yourself. Also a patch test will be required too. This consultation will take from 30 minutes onwards. 

Second Appointment

The second appointment with us is followed 1 week after your first appointment, this is the start of your Microblading journey! Julie will apply numbing cream so you are completing pain-free and can sit back and relax throughout your journey. Some redness may be experienced after the treatment but you will leave with all the appropriate aftercare. This appointment will take up to 2 hours.

Third Appointment

Your third appointment is a colour top up, this takes places 6 weeks after your second appointment. After the second appointment the pigment can fade significantly so this appointment is crucial in embedding the pigment so you get the best colour for longer. 

If you are unsure and want to know more about what Julie would do to your brows we do offer a consultation for the treatment, this is a 30 minute appointment where Julie can mark out the shape of the brow she would create and you can talk more about colours and styles. The consultation is £20 however if you decide to go ahead with the treatment this is deducted off the full treatment amount.

If you have any more enquiries please do not hesitate to get into contact with the sisters here at TUS as they would love to answer any more questions you have and offer as much advice as possible. We also have photos of previous Microblading Julie has done so we can show you these too.

Microblading 1
Microblading 2
Microblading 3
Microblading 4

Prices List

Full Treatment
Colour Boost
Boost & Shape

Love love love my lashes so much thanks to Alishia. Amazing salon & always leave feeling happy. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks again xx


Absolute my nail god.. Doed an amazing job every time.. Beautitul salon, so warm & welcoming.. & lovely staff! Love this place x x


Fabulous job with my nails and professional and so easy to talk too. My daughter took me to the salon for the first time a couple of months ago and I won’t be visiting anywhere else from now on. All the girls are lovely, the whole vibe of the salon is so relaxing and friendly.


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